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How Panpan Chinese works

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01 Pick the schedule

Choose the best time for your schedule

* Book lessons in seconds via PC or mobile.

02 Find the perfect match

Choose a tutor who you want to study with

* Check tutor’s profile and reviews from our students.

03 Select a learning material

Choose your textbook, It’s for free!

* Lessons can be customized based on your needs.

04 Pick a communication tool

Choose a device that you want to take the lesson on

* PC or mobile devices.

01 Preview a textbook

Prepare for your lesson by practicing real-life dialogs

* Think of questions to ask to your tutor.

02 Practice key expressions

Listen and repeat essential expressions with videos

* Get feedback on your speaking skills from your tutor.

03 Record your pronunciation

AI compares your pronunciation with natives

* You can see the results right away.

04 Fill in the blank

Understand grammar by completing the quizs

01 Make sure your PC is ready

Complete the call test before class starts

* The latest version of Chrome and Safari are required.

02 Enter a virtual classroom

When it’s lesson time, connect with your tutor

* You can join a minute prior to the lesson start.

03 Leave your review

We maintain high quality lessons through the reviews from our students

01 Get feedback from tutors

See where you can improve

* Feedback, evaluation, recording, chat file will be provided.

02 Re-listen your lesson

Listen to a recording of the lesson to review

* It will help you remember everything you’ve learned.

03 Check the conversation

Look through the chat log to review the lesson

* Re-read the conversation to remember key points.

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How does a free trial lesson work?
A trial lesson credit can be used in the same way as the regular lesson credit.
(In the case of a first-time visitor, the teacher will evaluate his/her level to recommend an appropriate course.)
Visit the lesson classroom at the booked time, and the teacher will meet you over the video call/voice call for the lesson.
How can I change the lesson time or cancel a lesson?
Canceling a lesson is allowable at least two hours before the lesson, and as the learner clicks Cancel, the lesson credit will be automatically returned.
How much is the tuition fee?
The tuition is between $4 and $8 minimum for a half-hour class (28 minutes call / 2 minutes feedback). You can use the lesson credits freely within the validity period of the credits.
I’ve never spoken in Chinese before. Is it okay to take lessons?
You can take classes with a teacher who can speak English fluently and with a basic textbook.

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